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METAMORPHOSIS is part of my new series titled:

"COME FIND ME WHERE THE WILD THINGS GROW", being created over the course of 2023 in Rome, Italy.

I speak to the power of the untamed feminine, the power of authenticity, of liberation, of transformation, of evolution, and of the journey from shedding the vestiges of a blurred past, into the freedom of living in my true form.

Truly Thriving, not just existing.

This piece marks a deeply transformative stage both in my life as well as in my work.

The highly textural effects, distinctly sensual feminine forms rendered in earth tones, visible brush strokes, strong contrasts in light and shadows, the use of metallic gold, paint drips, each enhance the erotic theme of the series creating an atmospherically vintage Hecatine vibe.

A hand signed Certificate of Sale is included with each Original Painting.

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